“Should I start an OnlyFans?”

It’s a question that has run through many people’s minds, and one that we’ve been asked a lot too, even before the coronavirus lockdown made everybody bored and unemployed.

Even before Beyonce made the platform explode in popularity by shouting it out on a song!

We personally would say if you can make extra money outside of your day job (or instead of one) simply by posting content for paying fans, it’s a no brainer!

But then again, as an OnlyFans marketing agency, we are a little biased!

If you’re unsure whether or not OnlyFans is suitable for you, this post will attempt to answer that question – including covering the upsides, potential downsides, and what you’ll need to do to be successful.

For the first section, we’ll assume you’re new to the idea – so feel free to skip past if this isn’t the case!

How Does OnlyFans Work?

should I join OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a paid social media platform that allows you to post content and set a subscription fee that people have to pay in order to view it – something like a cross between Patreon and Instagram.

OnlyFans is a great way to turn content into money for anybody who has a following that is willing to pay for that content.

That can mean:

In fact – if you create content people are willing to pay for, OnlyFans is a great place to do it.

However, OnlyFans has a very relaxed policy towards sexuality and explicit content.

As a result, it’s often associated with such content, and has been extremely popular for adult movie stars, glamour models, fitness models, and amateurs to share nude or sexual pictures and videos in return for monthly income from their supporters.

In an age of increasing support for feminism and self determination, and amidst a backdrop of economical downturn, OnlyFans has become a global phenomenon in the way it allows anybody, but females especially, to turn people’s desire for their bodies into long term financial success.

By consistently posting content, optimizing your profile correctly, and working hard to promote your OnlyFans account, anybody can turn an OnlyFans account into profits.

By carefully investing those profits and continuing to develop, you can turn those profits into lifelong financial freedom.

But what are the risks involved in such an endeavour?

Is OnlyFans Safe?

is onlyfans safe

While OnlyFans is generally very safe, there are some potential risks you need to be aware of. With a little common sense and care, you can avoid the vast majority of them, but that doesn’t make it entirely risk free.

Let’s take a look at what you should be cautious of:

Someone you know finding out

what if people i know find my onlyfans
….”Tilly does WHAT?!”

This is a fear on the mind of a lot of people, and something we get asked about often.

If you’re terrified by the idea of your parents, or somebody else you love, finding out that you sell nudes online, this can be extremely offputting when it comes to setting up an OnlyFans account.

For most people it’s possible to use a stage name for your OnlyFans account and post body pictures only with no face visible, to completely remove this risk and make it a non factor.

However, you’ll have to work out how much this applies to you – if your body is covered in easily recognisable tattoos or body modifications, this might unfortunately not be an option for you. This equally might be the case if you think your face is your best asset and don’t want to create content without showing it.

In those cases – it is still a relatively small risk, especially if you use a stage name.

But still, it is not a completely non existent risk, and if you don’t think you can effectively hide your identity, only you can decide whether it’s worth taking.


scammers on onlyfans

There is a certain type of scummy individual that likes to prey on OnlyFans creators.

It is quite easy for somebody to offer you to Paypal you a specific amount for a specific piece of content, and then reverse the charge through Paypal by saying you didn’t deliver the content.

Paypal will refund the payment with no questions asked and you will essentially have just been robbed.

Try to keep all payments to OnlyFans to avoid this if possible, and if someone insists on paying you via Paypal, insist they send it as Friends & Family instead of a Business payment (those can’t be refunded unless you personally do it).

Also, it should go without saying – but never send a fan any money, no matter how small, in expectation of a larger payment to follow.

Feeling Pressured

feeling pressured by onlyfans subscribers

Once your account is up and running and optimized, you’re going to begin receiving regular requests for certain kinds of content. It’s likely some of it will be on the more kinky end of things, and stuff you haven’t done before.

In many cases that’ll be exciting for you, and you’ll love trying new things.

But in other cases it’ll be something you straight up don’t want to do, and people will keep bugging you regardless.

Remember – your OnlyFans is your safe place, where you have all of the control.

If somebody keeps pestering you for something you’ve already turned down, don’t be afraid to block or ignore them (or get mean).

If you’re asked regularly, by different subscribers and in different ways, it can be easy to eventually bend just to keep them happy.

Don’t do this unless you’re genuinely OK with it – you do not need to change who you are or do anything you’re uncomfortable with to achieve OnlyFans success – period.

If you’re being harassed and don’t know what to do about it – contact OnlyFans support, or us, or both – you’re never alone.

Having Content Stolen

OnlyFans is on the cutting edge when it comes to preventing stolen content.

They have all sorts of protections that nobody else has in order to keep your content safe.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough – between editing screenshots, xname strategies and creepy hacker losers – if somebody is sad enough and desperate enough to want to steal your content, they probably can.

Add watermarks to everything, avoid showing your face if you don’t want your identity out there, and don’t be afraid to block or ignore any creepy people that aren’t the type of fan you want.

Do all of this, and the chances of your content being stolen are borderline zero.

However, unfortunately they will NEVER be completely zero – if you can’t deal with that, don’t make an account.

People Overcharging for Services

people overcharging for services
“I’m pretty sure he said the piping was complimentary?!”

Ever since OnlyFans exploded in popularity, creators have been making good money from it.

However, there has been an unscrupulous sort of online businessmen or women, or online marketers, who have been offering wildly expensive services to OnlyFans creators.

Some of them are literally selling somebody else’s Fiverr gig for double the price – you pay them, they order the gig for you, and pocket the difference.

There is no point running an OnlyFans if most of your profits get passed off to such people.

This is one of the primary reasons why we offer:

  1. Free guides to allow you do everything yourself
  2. Low cost services so that if you’d rather not do it yourself, you can still keep most of your profit

It’s as simple as that – don’t pay hundreds of dollars for stuff you can do yourself, even if it’s a bit boring and time consuming.

If you take the right approach to all of the above risks, it’s pretty easy to minimize them and make OnlyFans a safe place to be.

But is it worth it?

Is OnlyFans Worth It? How Much Can I Earn From OnlyFans?

how much can i earn from onlyfans

The simplest way to answer this question is – it’s up to you.

There are people who sign up for OnlyFans but spend barely any time on it – they don’t promote it, they don’t focus on making great content, and they don’t respond to messages quickly.

These people will never make a good income from OnlyFans and are wasting their time.

However if you put the work in and keep consistently posting, the sky is the limit.

One example is Monica Huldt or Miss Swedish Bella.

biggest onlyfans success

Monica makes more than $100,000 a year from OnlyFans and BusinessInsider recently posted some of her tips for success.

Another huge success story is Danni Harwood from the UK, who managed to make £1,000,000 in just 18 months from the platform.

richest people on onlyfans

These numbers range so highly that it’s impossible to predict exactly how much you could make from signing up to OnlyFans, but if you put the time in and are willing to work hard – success is there for you.

You might be thinking “I don’t look like those two!”, but it really doesn’t matter, everyone has their own unique taste, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.

If you’re considering joining OnlyFans but don’t believe there are enough fans out there for you to do well – you’re utterly wrong.

Should I Start an OnlyFans if I Don’t Have Many Followers?

how many followers do i need to start an onlyfans


We hear this aspect turning a lot of people off.

“I only have a few hundred followers and they’re all friends and family….I highly doubt anyone would sign up if I created an account. How do I find people to subscribe to me?”

It’s understandable, but by using social media marketing techniques, shoutouts, engaging with fans in social media, and using all of the tips on our site to grow your OnlyFans subscribers, you can make yourself visible to as many people as you want to.

Besides, you might think none of your current subscribers will sign up, but there’s a good chance you’re wrong, even if it’s that one guy who asked you out 10 years ago and still thinks about what he missed from time to time.

People who are already popular on social media and have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers can basically step into OnlyFans to immediate success.

Us mere mortals have a lot of work to do to get to that same stage, unfortunately – but I don’t care who you are or what else you do, you can get there.

Should I Sign Up for OnlyFans as a Man?

can men join onlyfans
We can’t guarantee this is what happens next

The vast majority of OnlyFans creators who sell explicit content are female.

Considering who asks for nudes and when, this probably doesn’t surprise anybody.

But this doesn’t mean men can’t be wildly successful in OnlyFans too.

Rocco Steele, a gay porn star, has managed to make $10,000 a month consistently.

Tons of men find success doing non sexual stuff too – from music to art and from gaming to fashion.

Men might have to think a little bit more about their target audience, but otherwise, there is no reason you can’t sign up for OnlyFans and make just as much as anybody else

Here is one heartwarming story of a guy who turned OnlyFans into a boost in confidence and a boost in finance!


Sign up with the link below, then contact us to gain free tips, advice and help growing you OnlyFans business:



Signing up to OnlyFans, or any website or platform that involves nudity, can be nerve-wracking.

However, it is also one of the most liberating things you can do – and may well be the most lucrative investment you ever make.

There are certain risks and pitfalls to be aware of – but by taking the right steps and being cautious, most of them can be easily avoided.

With a well optimized profile, a consistent posting schedule, a sensible promotion strategy and an eye on our posts, the world is your oyster!

Are you stuck reaching your goals? Have your OnlyFans subscribers plateau’d out or simply aren’t tipping you enough? Get in touch! We offer free guidance and consultations to any OnlyFans creator, with no obligations. If you are looking to push yourself to the next level, we also offer paid services such as Instagram account management which allows professional Instagram marketers to grow your account while you focus on making great OnlyFans content!

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