“How to take a good nude selfie” is one of the questions that has grown in popularity the quickest in the modern day, and the rapid rise of OnlyFans in 2020 (and continuing into 2022) has only made it even more pressing.

Getting involved in OnlyFans can often be a complicated topic.

First, you have to decide whether it’s right for you.

If you do sign up, you need to make sure your profile is set up properly and you have the right kinds of content.

From there, you need to jump into promoting your OnlyFans as much as possible.

Eventually, you’ll be earning enough that you can start to use professional account management services so that you can keep growing while spending much less time – but those early days will take a lot of time and consistency.

We’ve written some in-depth guides on those topics to help you make as much money from OnlyFans as possible, so don’t forget to check those out if you haven’t seem them yet:

However, there’s one thing some people forget:

You can do all of the above to a high standard, but if you don’t nail the basics, you’re always going to struggle.

By “the basics”, we mean basic sales tactics, how to talk to potential customers via DM, and most importantly, how to take a sexy nude selfie.

We’re sure we don’t need to explain why this is important – the simple fact is the higher quality your content, the more subscribers you get, the longer they subscribe for, and the more tips they send.

On the flipside, low quality images will just lead to your fans leaving in droves, wasting your promotion efforts. and reversing any growth you manage to achieve.

There are amateur level nudes that look like you’ve never done it before. These are all over the internet and don’t catch anybody’s attention.

There are higher quality nudes that somebody might send to their partner. These can work well in a lot of situations.

But there are also professional quality nudes that can make almost anybody say DAMN! These are incredibly rare.

For OnlyFans creators looking for long term growth, only that last type is good enough, and no amount of time spent perfecting your craft is too much.

You may think that some other people are just naturals and that you’ll always suck, but instead of taking that attitude, learn from those people you think are great and don’t be afraid to imitate their techniques!

We’ll start right here by taking you through our favourite tips on how to take a hot nude selfie!

First, we need to get you mentally and physically ready, and set the scene!


preparing to take a nude

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the type of photos you’re planning to take. It could be fully nude for your OnlyFans, partially nude to use for promotion, or fully clothed for purposes such as brand modelling or influencer marketing.

If we’re talking specifically about OnlyFans content, it’s a good idea to created themed sets that are different to what you’ve offered before. This helps keep your content fresh and prevent long term subscribers from getting bored.

If you’ve decided on a certain theme, try looking for models online who have done similar things before and see if you can learn anything from them, such as the angles, outfits, and backgrounds that work.

You should also think about your best assets, and how you can emphasize them – finding successful models with similar body types to yours can provide a wealth of ideas for this.

Once you’ve planned all of that and have a decent idea what you’re doing, it’s time to start getting ready:

Remove any Unwanted Hair!

shaving before taking a nude

Obviously, how much you need to shave depends on the images and videos you’re planning to take.

If you’re focusing on your face/upper body it might just be a case of some eyebrow plucking, but you may also want to do your bikini line for some more risque shots, or potentially everything if you’re going fully nude.

Remember, do what makes you feel sexy and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – if you don’t want to shave and prefer the natural look, that’s up to you!

If you’re reading this guide hoping to learn how to take a nude selfie as a guy, this might also be about keeping your facial hair nice and trimmed – but once again, a beard or stubble can be a sexy look in itself, so don’t feel pressured.

Make Up for OnlyFans Content

make up for nudes

When applying make up before taking nudes, it’s a good idea to use a bit more than you usually would. Remember, images and videos are 2D, so some of the depth of your features will be lost otherwise.

Applying more makeup than usual can help to highlight tose features more clearly and make your eyes and lips stand out.

A thicker layer of foundation is likely a good idea too, as it can help to hide any blemishes and give you a more even skin tone across all of the images.

Red lipstick is a classic because it really helps your lips to stand out, and when combined with fake eyelashes and dark eyeliner, can give you an awesome old-school pinup model look.

You may prefer a more natural style, which can be achieved just by using some lipgloss, mascara and a lighter eyeshadow.

These are probably the two most popular makeup styles for OnlyFans creators, but you can also go way more unique if you like – bright, neon style colours might be your style, or maybe you want to go real dark and gothic – as long as it looks good, highlights your features, and suits your content, you’re good to go!

It goes without saying that if you’re trying to use OnlyFans anonymously and won’t be posting your face at all, that you can avoid this section entirely.

Hair Styling for OnlyFans Shoots

hair styling for nude photoshoots

How you want your hair will depend on the content you’re creating.

If you’re doing body photos or videos in the bath, it might be enough to simply tie your hair up and keep it out of the way.

It could just be a quick custom selfie for somebody that’s focusing mostly on your body, in which case there is no need to waste time doing too much – just take care of any stray hairs and you’ll be fine.

But if you’re doing a full photo shoot, we would highly recommend working on the volume of your hair to a high standard to make it wild and sexy. This will elevate the standard of the entire shoot and improve the framing of your face too!

For brief custom videos, you could even go for the “wild” look, offering the implication of a recent “encounter” shall we say.

All of these ideas will help to improve your content and make them more attractive, memorable and authentic in a way that your subscribers might not exactly be able to put their finger on, but will certainly feel the benefit from!

Choosing Your Outfits

what to wear for an adult shoot

If clothes are part of your content plan, which they may well not be, pick out a few pieces of clothes in advance.

Your aim should be to tease and show off your best qualities, while also leaving something to the imagination. This is even more the case if you’re taking photos to be used as previews, promotion or marketing.

In that case, they really need to grab people’s attention and turn them on, while also making them wonder how much more they could see by subscribing to your OnlyFans.

The more unique content you can create, the better a position you’ll be in, so don’t be afraid to play with different lingerie to switch it up!

Things like:

When it comes to the bottom half, stick to things like thongs, lace underwear, or even some sexy shorts – avoid old worn out underwear for obvious reasons and stay away from baggy stuff too, as even if it’s new and cute, it won’t show off your figure enough.

Bright coloured or even neon underwear is often a great move, as it will stand out alongside your skin tone and draw attention to the parts you want people looking at.

You can also add further props and accessories beyond underwear to spice things up such as:

Of course, this is without going into the weird and wonderful worlds of fancy dress, cosplay and the like.

If those are things that interest you, a whole universe of outfits opens up – from Disney characters and cheerleaders to anime characters and real life celebrities – and you can make a successful OnlyFans accounts purely by specialising in such a category like this, if enough people fantasise about that character!

If you’re wondering about how to take a good male nude selfie, great outfits can include:

Setting the Scene: Locations & Background

taking nude photos in public

When you first start creating OnlyFans content, a lot of it will likely be done at your home/in your bedroom.

Considering the “boudoir” nature of the content and the convenience of taking photos at home, this is not an issue.

You can also make some really great content at home, especially if you get creative with lighting, take photos in the shower, use props like couches and beds, take themed shots in the kitchen or garden (nude in an apron anyone?) or even take images against a plain wall.

There is a lot of mileage you can get out of doing things like this to keep things fresh from the comfort of your own home.

However, if you keep doing this in the long term, people will eventually start to get bored and want to see something different.

Your fans love to see you in different situations and places, and explicit content in public places or outdoors in nature is particularly exciting as it adds an element of risk as well as encouraging them to fantasise about what might happen if they stumbled across you….

If you live in the city, this can be tough, but still not impossible, as you can get some sneaky selfies on the street or on a building roof.

If you can get to the countryside, your options for this increase a lot, as you can take some awesome shots in woods, fields, and other natural beauty spots.

If you create couple content this is also a great way to spice up the usual “acts” and add a more risqué edge to them.

Setting the Scene: Cleaning Up!

setting the scene

If you do decide to do your shoot at home, it’s important to tidy up first. It’s not just to make the image as clean and tidy as possible, but also to avoid distractions.

You don’t want strange objects in the back of your photos that will attract attention away from you.

You also don’t want any general clutter such as dishes, cups or large, distracting wall hangings making the whole placed a bit too “lived in”.

A simple example is clearing your nightstands if you’re taking photos on your bed, or removing any wet towels if you’re in the bathroom.

TIP: It’s usually a good idea to take photos of the area you’re going to be photographing yourself in (without you) first, so that you can see what it looks like on screen. This will allow you to spot things you might not have otherwise and make small adjustments before beginning.

If you’re using a mirror for your selfies, ensure you wipe it down with a glass cleaning spray, and potentially wipe your camera lens too – dirt and grime on either of these things can reduce the quality of your images and add weird marks that look like blemishes on your skin.



When it comes to lighting, natural lighting is always better than electrical lighting – it softens you and gives you more naturally bright and even features.

As a result, the best time to take nudes at home is likely close to midday, with wide open curtains and blinds (if privacy allows for this!).

If natural lighting isn’t available, overhead lighting should still be avoided – if you can afford special lights made for this purpose such as ring lights, they will look much better. If you can’t, then even a lamp will be better than the shadows cast over your features by overhead lighting.

Coloured lighting can also be an amazing way to give your images their own unique aesthetic, and when blended with brightly coloured underwear, can help to create a really striking look.

Taking Your Photos

taking nude photos for onlyfans

A huge part of knowing how to take a tasteful nude selfie is knowing your camera settings and your best angles.

If you have a high quality camera we would recommend checking out this guide to camera settings.

Phone Camera Tips for OnlyFans

However, even if you’re simply using your smartphone (like most OnlyFans creators do), there are still some useful settings that can help give you more options.

For example, the timer setting is a goldmine and will allow you to take a wide range of photos and angles that would otherwise be impossible. Changing the focus is also a necessary skill that will improve your results.

We would highly recommend investing in a tripod, as this combined with the timer setting will allow you to take photos from almost any angle you can imagine.

These days, there are also a ton of amazing filters you can use – in Instagram, Snapchat, and even in your phone’s camera settings.

Just don’t use them 100% of the time, as people love to see your natural face too!

Ensure You Have Privacy

taking photos in private

While we covered this briefly already, it’s important not to forget this as you don’t want somebody unexpectedly walking in on you mid shoot.

If you’re shooting in the middle of the day, this might mean staying away from windows to avoid peeping toms.

It could just be as simple as ensuring your door is locked to avoid people you live with from walking in unannounced!

Of course there’s a much more innocent side of it too – if you have pets, it’s time to lock them out of the room for a while, to avoid any wagging tails or mischievous kitties in the background of your content!

Objects matter here too – think about framing and try not to show messy rooms, weird objects or anything else that’s gonna draw attention away from your hoe-ness.

Set the Mood

set the mood for a nude photoshoot

It’s important to set the mood before starting your photoshoot.

It’s a good idea to look at yourself in the mirror first to remind yourself of what you like about your body, to focus on your favourite assets and think about how to emphasize them.

If you feel self conscious or nervous, this will show in the end result – so embrace your self love, and don’t be afraid to drink a little wine or smoke a joint if you think it will help you to loosen up.

You could also put on some relaxing music, or themed music to suit your shoot.

If you’re creating custom content to meet somebody’s request, take this time to think again about what they’re looking for and how you can go the extra mile to make the ideal content for them.

If it’s more general content for your OnlyFans feed or social media – have a think about what you want to achieve with it and how you’re going to do that.

Focusing on Your Best Features

taking the best nude photos

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and decide what you like most about your body. It needn’t be the cliché six pack or chest for men, or boobs or butt for women (although it might be!).

It may seem like some of your favourite models and creators have a borderline magical ability to focus on their assets and make themselves look incredible, but this is just experience and they all started where you are right now.

Instead of feeling that you’ll never match what they can do – go through their images with a fine tooth comb and figure out how they’re achieving what they are. You can learn a lot simply by looking at photos from an accomplished model or creator and trying to hit similar angles.

There are some real simple tips worth keeping in mind, for example if you’re taking a face selfie, put your camera slightly above your face so that it’s looking down on you.

This has the effect of making your face look thinner and longer, and also gives you the opportunity to include some of your body in it.

If you’re wondering about how to take a nude butt selfie, a great tactic can be to take a photo over your shoulder in the mirror. This has the double benefit of helping to make your back curve more than usual and tensing your butt cheeks to make them as round, firm and perky as possible.

@lilnymph01 knows how to pull it off!

Best Poses for Nude Selfies

best poses for nude selfies

One of the most important things you can learn is your best angles. If you’re here learning how to take a tasteful nude girl selfie, this may simply mean showing yourself in your best light or focusing on your favourite body parts.

For those looking for how to take a great male nude selfie, this can still be the case, but on the other hand, if you’re going for a dick pic it could be more effective to try a low angle which will make everything appear larger.

Either way, you can use camera timers, selfie sticks, tripods, a friend, or even professional photographers to achieve this. When you find a pose that suits you and shows off your assets in their best light, you will likely start to make that pose an ongoing part of your arsenal.

Just be sure not to use the same poses too much, as fans will love to see you in different positions and in ways they haven’t seen you before.

However, sometimes you don’t have time or access to any of the above to help you, and are stuck to simply taking selfies of yourself.

Here are our tips for how to take an amazing nude (or semi nude) selfie:

1: Keep your body in the “S-curve” shape.

how to take a butt nude selfie

The S-curve is a selfie classic that you’ve almost certainly seen before, even if you didn’t know what the model in question was doing.

It goes like this:

  1. Arch your back as much as you can so that your butt is pushed as far backwards as it will go and your breasts are sticking out in the forward direction. This will force your body into an hourglass shape, accentuate your boobs and butt, and is a fundamental part of how to take a good nude boob selfie.
  2. Lift your chin up high. Then, lift it even higher than you think you should. This will feel super awkward at first and may seem like a strange and unnatural thing to do, but it’ll keep your neck, cheeks and face looking slim and narrow, and it stops weird effects like your face throwing a shadow over your neck, or shadows on your collarbone.
  3. Push your shoulders back. This will make your breasts more prominent and appear larger in relation to the rest of your body.

Take note of the example photos above and where their phones are situated too – it’s much better to put your phone/camera out to the side in order to prevent it from covering your face whenever possible (unless you are on OnlyFans anonymously, in which case cover away!).

2: Try lying down on your stomach on a bed, bench or similar, and taking a selfie from this angle with a priority on your chest, ass, legs, or whatever else you may want to show off.

how to take a lying down nude selfie

This is a very common option for nude pictures, and why not? If you were sending your real partner a nude image there’s a good chance you’d be in bed or otherwise lazing around.

It also helps stir the imagination of the viewer and allows them to picture themselves being right there with you.

The options are broader than you might think too – you can lie on your stomach and hold your boobs to take a great boob selfie. You can take a great ass shot from behind like the center option above. Or you can go all out with a full frontal, spread eagle kitty shot. There are a lot of options!

3: Get creative with props, themed content and costumes.

how to keep onlyfans content interesting

The more unique and eye-catching the better. No matter how attractive you are or how great you are at taking photos, images of your body in different poses can only keep people engaged for so long before they move on.

Popular ideas for this include cosplay, colourful wigs, fancy dress, BDSM/bondage focused content, and more. It can even tie into more specific fetishes such as bimbofication, female domination etc.

It is smart to try things that directly relate to your fans and your target audience here. For example, if your content is focused on gaming and anime and your fans are mostly nerds, you’re going to get a much better response from a cosplay selfie than you would if your fans were all fitness enthusiasts. In that case, a gym photoshoot would be a lot more effective!

This can also help subscribers and fans to relate to you more and feel comfortable talking to you about specific topics, which is win win!

4: Keep your face in mind, and ensure it’s relaxed and happy

what to do with your face when taking a nude

If you’re trying to show off your body in your OnlyFans content, it can be pretty easy to overlook your face, but this is just as important, if not more important in some cases.

Resting bitch face is something we can all be guilty of! While it certainly isn’t something to feel self conscious or ashamed about, it could well make it harder for fans to relate to you as a person. However, this is exactly what you want them to do, since fans who relate to you subscribe for longer and tip more.

Avoid looking into the camera lens. This makes it a little too obvious that a camera is in the room and makes it all just appear like a manufactured selfie. If you’re looking elsewhere, you come across more natural, and it feels to viewers like they are getting a private view into your life.

For a “professional model” type look, you could close your eyes slightly and stare off into the distance.

If you’re going for a more explicit image such as content with toys or hardcore videos, you may want to do an orgasmic expression to really sell how much you’re enjoying what’s happening.

However, in many other types of content, especially selfies, you will struggle to do better than a smile.

A real, natural, unforced smile is the sexiest thing in the world.

We will leave you with this video from the wonderful Xena Zeitgeist (click “Watch on Youtube” to view!) – feel free to contact us if you have any additional tips or strategies worth including here!

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