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How to Promote OnlyFans on Instagram

With OnlyFans growing in popularity, competition becomes more and more of a factor.

Since every day there are more creators out there, you need to use proven marketing strategies and consistency in order to catch the eye of subscribers and earn more money from your OnlyFans.

Today, we’re going to take you through some in depth techniques on how to promote your OnlyFans in Instagram.

This guide assumes you are already somewhat experienced in OnlyFans, so if this isn’t the case, we would recommend you first check out some of our previous guides such as:

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Let’s jump right in!

Instagram Marketing for OnlyFans: An Introduction

instagram marketing for onlyfans

Instagram is an interesting place to get more traffic, more subscribers, and therefore more money for your Instagram.

Firstly, Instagram is pretty strict on explicit content, and for users to get banned for posting nudity is extremely common.

This is a massive downside of promoting your OnlyFans via Instagram as it adds an element of risk to the whole process and an account suspension or full ban can completely reverse all of your progress.

suspended from instagram

With this risk taken into account – Instagram can still be a great place to promote your OnlyFans content.

The social network had over 1 billion users as of 2018.

Considering Instagram receives over half a billion unique users per day, and is one of the most visual social networks available, it continues to provide an alluring way to expose large amounts of users to your OnlyFans page, even despite the potential risks of account deletion.

In this post we will show you exactly how it should be done, including:

  • How to build your own Instagram marketing strategy based on our previous successful clients and other giants of the OnlyFans game
  • How to optimize your Instagram profile for maximum interactions and growth
  • Using shoutouts and other strategies to increase your reach
  • How to use Instagram stories and analytics to improve your results

And more!

But first, why is OnlyFans Instagram promotion such an important part of a successful OnlyFans growth strategy?

Why Instagram OnlyFans Strategies Work

We all know that Instagram is a great place to share photos with friends and family or to meet new friends from around the globe.

It’s also not too surprising how Instagram can be a powerful way to market a more traditional business, such as a store or an eCommerce website.

But what about OnlyFans?

OnlyFans creators can benefit from Instagram promotion just as much as any other business – and a huge part of the reason for this is Instagram’s visual nature.

Millions of people browse through Instagram daily, and millions have businesses have learnt that building a visual presence on the platform exposes these people to their brand and helps boost brand awareness.

promoting brands via instagram

Another major factor is that Instagram users tend to be more engaged than Twitter or Facebook users.

This means your individual followers are more likely to remember you, more likely to interact with your posts, and more likely to follow up on anything you promote to them.

But Instagram users aren’t just more engaged than other social media network users, they buy more too!

While the reasons aren’t entirely clear, it is likely to be related to the fact that Instagram users can feel more connected to the people they follow due to seeing them in their day to day lifestyle.

The same effect can benefit people selling products on Instagram – if you see somebody wearing a hangbag you like, with an outfit that looks good with it – you’re much more likely to buy that handbag than if you just saw a boring image of it on a shopping website with a plain white background.

lifestyle images in instagram
One image helps you to imagine what it would be like to own the bag yourself – the other doesn’t no matter how well done it is

Instagram users looking at such products are also much more likely to convert from being a viewer to a customer, simply because they are already browsing for a hashtag or profile related to products they are interested in.

The same applies to OnlyFans creators – if you advertise your OnlyFans in your profile, talk about it in your stories and posts, and interact with other profiles related to OnlyFans, you increase the chances that users who are looking for great OnlyFans content will follow you.

Once they follow you, they are a witness to your marketing attempts and that much more likely to check out your OF content.

This shopping mindset might mostly apply to buying products via Instagram, but with a clever marketing strategy, you can easily make it apply to your paid content too.

promoting onlyfans in instagram
If you came across this post and stopped to stare at it for a while, would you be lustfully pining after Saij Charlotte, or what she’s wearing? It mostly depends on who you are and how you found the post, right? So the main thing you should think about is who you want interacting with your posts, and how to make them find you.

Another reason Instagram is useful for promoting OnlyFans is because of the tools they provide you with.

These tools are obviously built around marketing businesses and products that aren’t against Instagram’s terms, (for example shoppable posts), but from adding links to stories with the “swipe up” functionality to post analytics telling you which of your posts connect with your audience and which don’t, there is a ton of useful stuff here for OnlyFans marketing too.

As Instagram finds more and more ways to help businesses use it as a marketing tool, you can expect the options for Instagram models that have OnlyFans to grow too!

how to promote onlyfans in instagram

Even if these tools aren’t quite right for your content, Instagram itself is a great place for you to interact with admirers, fans and followers, and of course to help them find you.

Technically, yes.

There is no rule about OnlyFans specifically, but Instagram does have some pretty rigid rules about nudity and about selling sex related services.

There are millions of Instagram users who promote their OnlyFans account all day and leave a link to their profile in their bio and never face any issues.

Unfortunately there is also a large amount who have been banned permanently for exactly the same thing, meaning the rules and their enforcement are inconsistent at best (the terms of use seem to be deliberately vague for this reason).

Mostly you will be fine, but we’d recommend only posting softcore nudity to Instagram (nipples through shirts, lingerie pics and buttcheeks at most).

Posting your OnlyFans link to your bio is a crucial part of helping people find your content, but we’d highly recommend using a service like Linktree or AllMyLinks.

posting onlyfans links to instagram

Not only does this give you additional freedom to add other links such as your Amazon wishlist or other social media pages, but it also means that if Instagram decides to scan people’s bios for “OnlyFans” and automatically ban them, that you’ll more than likely be safe.

Now that you know the basics of advertising OnlyFans via Instagram and why it can work, it’s time to go through the basics of the Instagram algorithm.

The Instagram Algorithm

the instagram algorithm for onlyfans creators

This section may sound a little intimidating if you’ve not heard of an algorithm before, but it’s actually not too complicated at all.

An algorithm is simply a set of rules for solving a problem.

When you scroll through your Facebook feed, Facebook sorts the posts there based on who you interact with most and therefore provides the posts it thinks you are most likely to engage with.

When you search a keyword in Amazon, Amazon sorts the products in the order it thinks are most likely to convert to a sale, based on the previous buying behaviour of people looking for that specific keyword.

free onlyfans books

Both of these examples are algorithms in action, and most social media networks have one.

Back when it launched, Instagram did not have an algorithm and user’s feeds were simply a list of the posts from profiles they followed listed in chronological order.

In 2016, this all changed when Instagram implemented their own algorithm for the first time.

They claim this was done because people were missing on average over 70% of their feeds.

The entire point of the Instagram algorithm is to learn from what users like, comment on, and interact with, and give them more of this – while reducing their exposure to the sort of posts and profiles they ignore.

In theory, this should provide each Instagram user with the content that is most interesting to them – therefore both increasing engagement between users and the pages they follow, and increasing people’s use of Instagram in general.

instagram engagement tips

This knowledge is something OnlyFans creators can take advantage of. The simple fact is, the higher the percentage of your followers that interact with your posts, the further the reach you’ll have.

Some business pages have taken to using simple but clever strategies to take advantage of this – for example posting extremely controversial opinions as if they are a known fact, or deliberately adding misspellings to posts.

The former can dramatically increase the amount of comments that are received since it essentially causes an argument, whereas the latter can encourage people to comment in order to correct you (giving you an opportunity to reply thanking them for the correction, further increasing engagement).

These things aren’t specifically designed for Instagram models or OnlyFans creators, but you can certainly learn from them to improve your engagement with your own ideas.

Some potential things to try include:

  • Putting something funny or unexpected in the background of a photo to encourage people to comment on it
  • Writing in depth captions, ending them with questions in order to start a discussion with your followers
  • Adding niche lyrics or obscure references to captions to excite those who recognise them into commenting
  • Making interaction easy for your followers e.g. “like for a DM” (don’t do this if you can’t keep up though!)

The trouble is, Instagram is constantly updating the algorithm, and never telling anybody about these changes.

This means we could tell you to do “this, this and this”, to improve your visibility in the algorithm, being fully correct in our advice, and tomorrow that could suddenly be the least effective path.

However, luckily, one thing Instagram has made public, is exactly what the algorithm prioritises, and looks for.

By keeping these in mind when posting, you can maximise your reach from each individual Instagram post.

Here they are, in order of importance:

1: Interest

Instagram keeps an internal record of your past liking behaviour, and uses this to predict what it thinks you are more or less likely to “like” in the future.

It then sorts your feed based on this information, so when you first load up Instagram, the first post that shows up is the one Instagram things is most likely to interest you.

An easy way to remember how this works is the Explore page – if you go on Explore and like a picture of some rap lyrics (for a random example), next time you go to the Explore page it’ll all be rap lyrics.

This is useful because if somebody likes your content and interacts with it regularly, it means every new post you make will be shown to them pretty quickly.

But it also brings up issues – if somebody has been following you for a while but never really liked or commented on a post, there is a good chance Instagram has decided they aren’t interested and stopped showing them your content at all.

Instagram explore page
Ours is just full of stupidly attractive people which probably isn’t the worst thing in the world.

2: Freshness

the instagram algorithm
It helps if you imagine it as looking like this

The algorithm prioritises the newest posts and considers them the most relevant.

This comes second to interest so older posts can still show up high in your feed if there aren’t many recent posts that you’re likely to be more interested in.

Regardless, it is a close second and outweighs most other factors in the algorithm. The best way to take this into account is to post regularly and consistently, and make sure there is always something “fresh” on your profile for the algorithm to show off to people.

3: Closeness

instagram close friends

Instagram keeps track of who you are tagged in photos with, and who you DM.

By using this data, it can decide on who it considers your closest friends or relatives, and continuously give posts from these people a boost over other content, ensuring you see more of them.

Businesses often take advantage of this by asking customers to tag them in their posts for a free discount or entry into a competition.

You can learn from this as an OnlyFans creator, for example offering people a discount code or free image in return for tagging you in a post.

It might be a little harder to pull off as some people will be cautious about posting about their more intimate interests, but many will be willing to do it – and each and every one of them will be shown your content more regularly and higher in their feed as a result. This of course also has the added benefit of getting your followers to market your content for free – each and every one of them who tags you in a post is likely making some of their followers aware of you for the first time.

4: Last Visit

what's new in instagram

If you open and close the Instagram app regularly, the algorithm tries to show you what you’ve missed since last time you visited, making your feed much more chronological than somebody who just checks in once in a while.

Somebody who checks less often will simply have a feed full of things the algorithm has decided they’re interested in, since Instagram assumes they aren’t interested in constantly being up to date and seeing new stuff.

While this is difficult to use for OnlyFans promotion as you don’t really have a reliable way to know how often your followers use Instagram, it remains an important part of the picture and understanding it will help you get the most out of your posts.

5: View Time

view time in instagram
“Bro the way she take it down low I just……I just can’t look away”

When deciding how far your post should be boosted and to whom, the algorithm also takes into account the amount of time people spend looking at or interacting with your post.

For example, somebody briefly looking at your post, liking it, and moving on immediately is less valuable than somebody who looks at it for some time, then likes and moves on.

You can take advantage of this by writing long, in depth captions that are interesting to read, whether that’s telling a story, having a rant or starting a conversion with your followers.

Slideshow/carousel posts with a recommendation to swipe can do well too because they encourage people to look at the post for longer – as can videos with content that encourages a replay.

Now that you understand the Instagram algorithm and how it related to OnlyFans marketing – it’s time to decide on what exactly you’re trying to achieve by marketing through Instagram.

Let’s move on:

Identifying OnlyFans Marketing Goals & Targets

setting goals for instagram onlyfans marketing

To succeed at promoting your OnlyFans and making more money, you first need to decide what success looks like for you, then consistently and tirelessly work towards it.

You might think “well my only goal with OnlyFans is more money!” and while you’re perfectly right, it’s better to be a bit more specific.

For example, how much would you need to earn on a monthly basis in order to quit your job and focus on OnlyFans full time?

That amount would be a great first goal to work towards, as once you can get there you can set new goals and actually afford to invest in pursuing them.

The actual number depends on your outgoings each month and how much you’re accustomed to living on, so nobody else can tell you what it should be.

Of course, it’s not always the case that money is the goal. Maybe you’re trying to build up a large community around your content. Maybe you want to use your OnlyFans audience to kickstart a career in something else.

All of these things are fine, but what’s crucial is that you decide on it early on and then work towards it, otherwise your time spent working hard on your content and social media marketing could just be a meandering waste of time.

Of course, you need to know your goals for using Instagram, too. If your goal from OnlyFans is to make as much money as possible and become financially independent, then maybe your goal with Instagram is simply to get as many followers and send as many of them to your OnlyFans as possible.

But you can be more specific with it – maybe you want to use Instagram as your “customer services” department, using it to reach out to and communicate with supporters.

Maybe you use your OnlyFans to promote some kind of talent – such as stand up comedy, singing, or dance – and want to use your Instagram to teach people about that art form and become known as an authority within the niche.

Whatever your goal might be in using Instagram to promote your OnlyFans, it will heavily influence the metrics you need to focus on in order to ensure you keep getting close to actually achieving those goals.

Questions to answer for yourself that will help you to decide on your goals include:

  • What do you want your Instagram to achieve for your OnlyFans business?
  • How does Instagram’s design and algorithm allow for this?
  • Are the correct type of people interacting with your Instagram? And if not, how can you get their attention?
  • How much time or budget can you dedicate to promoting OnlyFans in Instagram? If time is low, should you look for paid Instagram marketing services to take it off your hands? If budget is low, should you work towards making this possible?
  • How regularly should you post to Instagram to keep your feed active and attractive to newcomers?

Finding Your OnlyFans Target Audience Within Instagram

deciding on your onlyfans target audience

Before you can effectively target people with your Instagram marketing strategy, you need to decide exactly who you’re going to be targeting.

This is usually dependent on the type of content you’re creating and who you think will appreciate it.

It’s easy to just take generic nudes and think your target audience is anybody attracted to your gender, and this can work to an extent, but you’re limiting yourself.

On the other hand there are a wide range of smaller niches you can dip into for example:

  • Ahegao
  • Furry
  • Feet (or other kinks)
  • Content in public

These are just ideas, and there are potentially millions of other ideas out there. But if you enjoy making a certain type of content, it’s best to stick to it.


  1. Subscribers are more likely to be able to tell you enjoy it and therefore connect with your content more
  2. You are only competing with other creators in that niche instead of all creators, making things much less competitive
  3. People who enjoy that sort of content will see your profile and know exactly what you’re doing, making them more likely to follow you and more likely to subscribe. Keep that content coming, and they’re more likely to stick around too.
  4. It allows you to know exactly what type of content is worth spending your time on, and allows you to avoid wasting time on other things that may not connect with your audience.

You may have heard the old marketing proverb, “targeting everybody is targeting nobody”, and this is just as true in OnlyFans as it is anywhere else.

You need to be as specific as possible and get a persona in your mind for exactly who you’re targeting.

Things like:

  • How old are they?
  • What is their home life like?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What type of content are they likely to find valuable or engage with?
  • What hashtags are they likely to use?
  • What communities or major Insta pages are they likely to follow?

Once you have decided on these details, it’s just a case of keeping that persona in mind when planning your promotion strategies and doing everything you can to target them as specifically as possible, including:

  1. Making reference to their hobbies. For example if a lot of your subscribers are gamers, talking about games and showing them you share their interest gives them topics to talk to you about and another avenue from which to feel connected to you
  2. Using those hashtags and major Insta pages regularly, even if it’s just commenting on them. This will regularly bring your page to the attention of people who belong to the niche you’re targeting
  3. Posting the type of content you know they will connect with in order to encourage them to subscribe to your OnlyFans (or stay subscribed).
  4. Generally making your entire aesthetic, writing style, and the general vibe of your page suit that exact type of persona you;re targeting

If you’re still stuck on how best to appeal to your target audience, you can check out some Instagram profiles of OnlyFans models who are targeting the same audience, and learn from the ones who are doing it well.

This doesn’t mean simply going through their followers list and following them (although this is one way to get some quick attention), it’s more about paying attention to the details, such as finding out which of your competitors has the biggest fanbase, and thinking about why.

It could also be a good idea to make a mental note of the hashtags your competitors are using – in part to use them too if they’re clearly getting good results from it, but also to follow the hashtags in order to keep up to date with the niche and what people are talking about.

low competition hashtags in instagram

Instead of going for the largest hashtags though, go for the smallest and most specific – this generally means less competition and your post staying visible in the hashtag for longer. It may sound better to use a keyword with millions and millions of posts, but that literally only means one thing – that your post will disappear more quickly.

Now that your strategy for advertising OnlyFans on Instagram is coming together, it’s time to make sure your profile is optimized correctly.

We wrote a complete guide to optimizing your OnlyFans profile already, so if you haven’t checked that out yet, make sure to have a quick look and ensure your OnlyFans account is in tip top shape before continuing.

Now, let’s make sure your Instagram is working as smoothly as it can be too:

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile (for OnlyFans Creators)

This part is more important than you might think.

You don’t want your Instagram to look like a mishmash of different unrelated images – nobody wants to follow that, and it may also make you appear to be a fake profile/posting content from elsewhere.

It’s a good idea to get a certain theme or aesthetic going through your posts, as this allows people to instantly scan your profile and get a feel for what you’re all about.

It also helps to reflect your style and the type of content you’re creating, helping followers to know what to expect.

Usually, when somebody sees your Insta profile for the first time, you have around 5-10 seconds to convert them into a follower. If you don’t manage it in that time, they’re more than likely gone forever.

Here are some tips for building a consistent aesthetic throughout your Instagram posts:

Decide on a Color Aesthetic

instagram profile aesthetics
Kyd Nereida‘s bright, neon “alienary” style is one example that has resonated with her audience well

It’s important to have a color aesthetic all the way through your Instagram profile.

It could be dark and gothic, or bright and happy, or homely – it doesn’t matter.

Neglecting this and posting too many wildly different images will make your profile potentially look like a fake one that is reposting content from other profiles.

Even if this isn’t the case, it will, at best, look scattered and random.

Lighting Matters

instagram lighting techniques

We all know that lighting is crucial when taking a picture.

What you might not know, is that having uniform lighting across all of your posts is equally as important.

Think of a catalogue or magazine that looks attractive, for example an upmarket furniture magazine.

No matter what such a publication is talking about, you can expect the pictures to be brightly lit and extremely clear.

In most cases, you will want to do the same.

There are other situations where darker lighting might work, for example if you are going for a goth or emo style profile.

Another reason to go for darker lighting is to put across a “secretive” or “boudoir” vibe, as if people aren’t meant to be seeing what you’re posting.

This is something lilnymph01 does really well, if you’re looking for examples.

Laying Out Content Strategically

Our own Insta profile is one small example of this

This part can be pretty tough because you can’t always imagine how a certain group of posts will look until you, well, post them.

However, it’s a good idea to space out your posts a little.

Too many posts right next to each other with too much going on in them can overwhelm the viewer and make them click straight off your profile.

The opposite is just going to be boring and just as problematic.

But by thoughtfully laying out your posts you can avoid both of these issues and make it easier and more pleasant for people to scroll through your profile, checking out your posts.

A good way to do this is by alternating between actual preview pictures and text posts, or alternating between colourful photos and black and white ones, in order to create an ongoing pattern through your entire feed.

Try to Add A Cohesive Vibe

The above tips about using the same color aesthetic, lighting style and laying out your posts may make this happen regardless.

But even something as simple as using the same filter on every post, or one of a small group of favourite filters, can take this to the next level.

For example, if you’re going for an old fashioned pinup model style, a slightly blurry, aged filter can really help you sell that look.

Reposting Content

You may see us do this from time to time by reposting news stories relevant to OnlyFans, like the above

Reposting too many photos can be very risky – people may see several posts they’ve seen before and unfollow you, deciding your content isn’t original enough or is just taken from elsewhere.

It’s crucial to keep most of your profile original to avoid this.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repost at all.

It can be really beneficial to repost content that:

  • Matches your aesthetic and posting pattern
  • Tries to get across a similar message to your existing content or supports what you do
  • Fits so well with your other posts that it could easily have been made by you
  • Is likely to be of interest to the exact people (personas) you’re trying to target

Don’t steal other people’s content! If you’re going to repost, get permission first and always credit the creator!

Using Instagram Stories Highlights to Promote Your Style of Content

instagram story highlights onlyfans

Instagram story highlights, while technically just another form of story, are useful in a completely different way.

Unlike regular stories, they are permanent and are displayed clearly at the top of your profile, even for people who don’t follow you.

This means they’re a perfect opportunity to show off what you’re all about, and if you leave your highlights blank, you’re missing quite a lot of potential extra engagement.

Regular businesses often use this to show off their product range.

For example, a homeware company might have their first highlight as “New Autumn Collection”, then they might have “Discounted Furniture”, “Customer Reviews”, etc.

Other companies may just have a single story highlight titled “Who Are We?” and that selection of stories can be entirely focused around introducing the company and their services.

Users can then click on the one that interests them and instantly view a range of content that is appropriate and relevant. They are then of course much more likely to follow and stick around than if they had never seen these things and just had to go off the top few posts.

You want to learn from this as much as you can and use each story highlight for something that can help turn Instagram followers into OnlyFans subscribers.

For example, the first one could be introducing yourself and your content, talking about where you’re from and what you like, with a few small preview/teasing images to get the imagination going.

The second could be reviews and positive feedback from existing subscribers that have been blown away by your content.

The third could be an interactive section with quizzes asking people what they would like to see, posts encouraging people to ask you questions, and anything else you can think of to get people interacting with you.

The fourth could be your hard sell section, where you show some more enticing preview images (for example a before image fully dressed and an after one with less clothing, explaining that the full video is exclusive to subscribers), and potentially mention a temporary discount or competition for discounted subscription.

Having all of this immediately available at the top of your profile, right next to your OnlyFans link, will more than likely help to sell a lot of people on your content.

Of course, the story highlights above are only examples to get your mind working – you can give them a try and improve them over time, as the best possible layout depends on you, your audience and your content, and there’s no one correct answer for how to do this.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio to Be As Attractive As You Can

instagram bio optimization
A title that tells you exactly what she’s about, story highlights focused on the sell, and an interesting bio and profile pic that help to get across the creator’s personality. All this needs is a linktree or allmylinks URL to be perfect!

Most people overlook the bio as a small and borderline irrelevant part of the bio, but this is a mistake.

For something that takes no longer than 5 mins to complete, it’s doing a lot of work for you and should probably be the first thing anybody does on creating an Instagram profile.

Here are some things to take into account:

  • Your name is important, especially if you want to build up a brand. Adding your name makes it easier for people to find you via Insta’s search function, and makes it easier for them to know they’re on the right profile when they do. Leaving it blank is just making it harder for people to find you for no reason.
  • A summary of what you do and don’t do can also help a lot. Things like “custom requests allowed”, “DMs in OnlyFans only”, “B/G content” or “solo content only” all help to cut down the amount of queries you receive by DM, turn away the people looking for types of content you offer, and grab the attention of those looking for the content you do. Of course don’t get too explicit here as Insta’s terms are still an issue, so simply summarising your personality can work too, whether that’s related directly to explicit content (sub, dom, ahegao, feet pics) or not (vegan, BLM, capricorn). If you offer something your competitors don’t, or even just have a cheaper subscription rate than them, sing it from the rooftops here too.
  • Your OF link. This goes without saying as you don’t want people to be asking you for it every 20 seconds, and you want anybody who’s interested in your content to be able to find it easily and instantly.

Ok so now we’re really starting to get somewhere.

Now would be a good time to check back over your profile and ensure everything has been done effectively and in a way that would be attractive to your target audience.

Before moving on to the next stage, you should have:

  • A well optimized Instagram profile that is directing traffic to your OnlyFans
  • A well thought out aesthetic that makes your profile look attractive and uniform
  • Knowledge of where your potential audience spends time on Instagram, and ideas for getting their attention there
  • A strong enough knowledge of the Instagram algorithm to help you post strategically and give your posts the reach they deserve

Happy with all that?


Now it’s time to put together a content strategy for Instagram:

Instagram Content Strategy

instagram content strategy for onlyfans

Having an attractive feed and a well optimized Instagram profile is one thing.

But regular interesting posts are what really get people coming to your profile to check it out, or following you in the long term.

As we know from the previous section about the algorithm, posts need to be “fresh” to get the highest possible reach too, meaning no matter how good a post is, after a few days or a week, it’s old news to the algorithm.

This means it’s crucial to post regularly and consistently, in order to keep people seeing your content and engaging with it, and in order to keep making new people aware of you too.

There are 3 main types of posts within Instagram – the pictures we all know and love, videos, and carousel posts, which is when you can swipe across to see more images or videos.

You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when posting content, and should ideally take advantage of all of these types of post.

Let’s take a look at each one and how to get the most out of them:


instagram pictures

Chances are these are the type of post you most commonly create, and chances are they will always be the most common type across Instagram as a whole.

They are easy to create, easy to improve further with editing apps, filters, or photoshop, and almost unlimited in their possibilites.

Images can be square, portrait, or landscape, and each one has an ideal size and aspect ratio.

It is best to learn these sizes and stick to them as much as possible, because this is how you get your pictures to take up as much of people’s screens as possible and to appear bright and high definition as opposed to shrunken and blurry.

instagram photo size guide


Videos can be up to 1 minute long – and while they are a lot more effort to create than pictures, it’s a good idea to include them for sure.

In general Instagram marketing across all industries, videos receive more engagement than images and are viewed longer too – two things that feed well into the algorithm and help to earn further reach.

This applies even more to OnlyFans models and creators – after all, it’s arguably one of the most visual industries around, and a short preview video showing people what they can expect to see on your OnlyFans is a major attraction.

You can make videos with your smartphone and don’t need a high quality video camera – however, it might be a good idea to invest in some things to make this easier for you, such as tripods and/or selfie sticks.

Carousel posts are a great way to increase the time people spend engaging with your posts by combining several pictures and/or videos into one post.

It’s a great idea to keep carousel posts focused on one topic instead of just a random gallery of unrelated images.

For example, if you’re posting a new set of images to your OnlyFans, add a few of them and a short preview video to one carousel post, giving people who are interested in that style of content a short burst of teasers to really whet their appetite

You can use a similar technique to advertise a new discount you’re offering or a competition you’re organising in order to maximise the amount of people who engage with it.

You can even add a second image to every single image you post, for example adding a second image that shows a positive review from a subscriber and has a call-to-action encouraging the viewer to check out your OnlyFans.

If such things are kept to the second image on every post, they barely affect your main posts and the first image in each carousel at all, but they offer an additional selling point to those who swipe across.

You can have some real fun with this too, making people fill in the blanks with their minds.

For example, you could have image 1 as yourself fully clothed, image 2 as a sex toy on the table, and image 3 as you semi naked or getting undressed, with the caption encouraging people to go to your OnlyFans to find out exactly what happened….

Assuming they’re already following you, we can also assume they both find you attractive and are somewhat interested in your content – if all of the above is true, such teasing is borderline irresistible.

Instagram Stories for OnlyFans Marketing

instagram stories for onlyfans

There’s also Instagram stories to keep in mind.

It seems the majority of OnlyFans creators stories are full of shoutouts of other creators these days.

Doing shoutout for shoutout is generally a good idea (more on that later), but you don’t want to fill your story with a ton of them and little other content.

The likely outcome of this is people not bothering to watch your stories anymore, or worse, putting your account on mute.

It’s better to post things that you think will keep your followers engaged and interested in you, whether this is previews/teasing images, feedback from other subscribers, questions or polls for them to interact with you, or yes, memes.

It’s a good idea to keep your stories a mix of business, humorous and light-hearted content, and general fun.

If it’s all business and constantly trying to get people to go to your OnlyFans page, then people are just going to get bored and not bother checking out your stories at all.

Get it right though and people will watch them in the long term, in turn feeling more connected to you and helping them to remember you and engage with you in an ongoing manner.

onlyfans feedback in instagram storeis
Posting positive feedback like this can also help with getting new people to sign up

It’s also important to keep track of your Stories Analytics, which gives you golden data on who interacts with which of your stories, and who doesn’t.

The more people view and engage with your stories, the better the algorithm assumes they are, which leads to them showing up higher in your followers’ lists of stories, which leads to more views and engagement….you get the point.

By checking the analytics you can learn what connects with your audience and what doesn’t, leading to constant improvements with time.

You can also add some cool things to stories to make them more interactive and encourage people to engage, including:

  • Location and hashtag stickers
  • Swipe up clickable links (you need over 10k followers to do this)
  • Polls and emoji sliders to encourage interaction
  • Question stickers and votes (this is an amazing way to ask people what they think of your content and what type of content they’d like to see next)
  • Countdown stickers (these can help with upcoming discounts or new OF content by making people look forward to them and increasing the amount of people who interact with it immediately when available)
  • Story highlights (already covered)

TOP TIP: The “See More” call to action that encourages people to swipe up is really tiny and easy to miss – we recommend adding the text “swipe up” to the story or pointing an arrow at it to ensure nobody misses it.

As mentioned previously, posting shoutouts for other creators and letting them do the same for you is a great way to expose your audiences to each other and gain followers.

However, just doing it all of the time with static images is boring and after a while, becomes unlikely to grab anyone’s attention.

Take it to another level and keep it interesting by actually taking over each others accounts, allowing each other to answer questions on the other person’s story.

Of course you can also do this as a full conversion/interview style content piece by adding guests to your Instagram live, and you can even post your live to your story afterwards to make sure nobody misses it.

The tap, tap, tap nature of Insta stories also makes it a great way to sell yourself as if you’re a product – for example have 4-5 stories that are just you posted from different angles, then have the 6th be a discount code with a swipe up link to your OnlyFans.

It might seem a little strange, but it’s basically guaranteed to work, as long as your followers are the right people.

Now, let’s look at how to get more followers on Instagram so you can promote your OnlyFans more effectively:

How to Get More Instagram Followers

how to get more instagram followers

While the algorithm is constantly evolving and developing, we can assume that the primary things it looks for will continue to be similar, focused on engagement, freshness, etc.

As a result, boosting your Instagram followers requires a few specific conditions to take place.

First of all, you need some good quality content that makes your ideal audience say “yes, this is what I want to see”. You also need this content to be as optimized as possible in order to maximise it’s reach. Last but not least, your profile itself needs to be optimized enough to make said audience click “follow”.

Of course, you also need to keep that high quality coming regularly and consistently. If not, people will start to get bored and unfollow, even if all of the above is the case.

First, we’re going to focus on how to optimize the content itself for maximum reach.

These steps are super easy to implement but also easy to forget, so we would recommend making these a part of your daily content routine and forcing them to become habit.


Use Appropriate Hashtags

instagram onlyfans hashtag strategy

Hashtags, when used correctly, make your post visible to people who otherwise wouldn’t have seen it, dramatically increasing your reach and exposing your content to potentially tons of new people.

But you have to be sensible and cautious when using hashtags.

Firstly, if Instagram thinks you’re using hashtags in a spammy way or adding ones that aren’t relevant to your post, it’ll simply stop you showing up in them. You won’t even be aware of this apart from the fact that adding hashtags doesn’t increase engagement with your posts at all.

This is further complicated by the fact that Instagram regularly blocks hashtags from working at all, especially if it finds people are using them to promote explicit material.

You may have noticed that hashtags like #OnlyFans and #OnlyFansMarketing don’t exist. The only one that shows up as an option is #OnlyFan and even this doesn’t work. You can check this by going on the hashtag and going to “Recent”. You will see that it actively doesn’t display any recent posts.

By using hashtags like this you’re actually reducing your reach, so it’s better to regularly check hashtags that you consider relevant and cut them out of your strategy if they’ve been temporarily or permanently blocked.

Most people also assume it’s best to go with the busiest hashtags or the ones with the most posts, but this only makes it harder for you to stand out amongst the crowd.

It’s better to go for hashtags that are highly relevant to your niche or audience, that have a decent community around them that interact with them regularly, and that are lower in competition.

This means you’re more likely to reach the “Top” page, more likely to stay on the “Recent” page for longer, and the people who see your post are more likely to interact with it or follow you. This is a winning situation, even if the amount of people is less by millions. Millions of people ignoring you does not help!

One idea to help you out is to look at OnlyFans creators within your own niche or that are targeting a similar audience, and learn from some of the hashtags they are using.

Oftentimes, people may have created their own tiny community by using a creative hashtag that few other people had thought of.

If your OnlyFans content is based entirely around a specific subniche, then ensure all of your hashtags are based on that.

For example, a foot fetish profile is going to have much more success using hashtags like #feetlover and #feetofinstagram than they are by using more generic hashtags like #happy and #hotgirl – because you know anybody going on those hashtags has a high likelihood that they’re looking for that sort of content.

hashtags for instagram

You also have a chance of getting exposure via your stories appearing on the Explore page, so make sure you regularly add relevant hashtags and locations to those, too.

Using Instagram Ads to Boost Your Reach

instagram paid advertising

This is something we haven’t talked about until now for a good reason.

When you first start trying to get more OnlyFans subscribers from Instagram, it’s not a good idea to immediately go for the paid ads, because quite simply, you aren’t going to target them correctly, and even if you do, your page will likely be too bare to turn anybody who clicks on your ads into a long term follower.

This is why using Instagram ads in the early days of your Instagram account is more than likely a waste of money.

We would absolutely recommend you focus on the natural organic growth techniques detailed above first, and on getting a nice back catalogue of content to help give people a good perception of your page.

With that said, if you have optimized your Instagram page fully and taken advantage of all of the tips listed here, building your following and engagement over time – at some point you’re going to be ready to invest a little money to push things along faster.

Instagram ads are cheaper than Facebook ads but still have great reach and are an excellent way to do this.

They’re also super easy to set up and when done correctly, deliver amazing results.

First, make a post that you think will be eye catching to your ideal audience and encourage them to click on your profile.

This can be tough in itself because Instagram Ads don’t allow sexual content. Often you can get past this but other times your post will be disallowed. You can play with this to find the balance, for example posting a photo of you wearing something that is in the realms of regular clothes but doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

You can even try going for an ad/text type post with some details on a discount you’re offering or similar.

Whatever you choose, this is something you’ll improve over time as you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve decided on what you’re going with and posted it, you simply need to go to the promote button just below it.

instagram promote button

From here you can select exactly who you want to target, such as their interests, age range, gender etc. If you know your target audience well enough, it’s best to go this route and be as specific as possible, as the smaller the segment you’re targeting the more likely your ad is to be relevant to them.

If you don’t know enough to go this route yet, you can also let Instagram automatically target a “similar audience” to what you already have. This is less effective and best avoided if you know who to target yourself, but when first using Instagram ads to promote your OnlyFans you may find this is the only way, which is fine too.

Before setting off your ads, make sure the goal is set to “profile visits”, and your profile is optimized to attract people to your OnlyFans page, including an attractive profile picture, an interesting bio, and of course your link in bio.

Your ad will then begin to appear in people’s feeds. People who don’t follow you, but who fit into the audience you’re targeting.

If you find that nobody really clicks onto your ad to go to your profile, this is a sign that you’re either targeting the wrong people, or your ad simply isn’t attractive to the people you’re targeting.

Luckily, you only pay per click, so if this happens it should cost you nothing or very little.

On the other hand, if your ad is attractive and targeted to the right people, you may drain through the money you decided to put into it rapidly. This is actually a good thing as it means a lot of people are clicking on your ad and therefore a lot of new people are being exposed to your page.

If done correctly this will translate into new followers. If it does not, this is a sign that your profile and existing content maybe aren’t high quality enough, attractive enough to your target audience, or maybe there simply isn’t enough of it.

Using Instagram Analytics to Improve Your OnlyFans Marketing

instagram analytics for onlyfans

Analytics are the best way to find out more information about your performance so far, including your ideal audience and how well your strategy is doing at attracting them so far.

Looking at individual posts only gives you some basic info on how well those posts perform, but tracking this data and recording it over time can give you some incredible insights, such as which sort of lighting increases engagement the most, whether people prefer boudoir style photos or outdoor/public type ones, what sort of poses resonate and more.

You can compare posts where you’re directly asking people to go to your OnlyFans to ones where you’re not mentioning it at all, to see if people respond better.

You can even find out things like the Top Locations for your interactions. This can be a powerful insight, as for example if most of your audience are from your country, you can post local references and in jokes that other people might not get. On the other hand, if most of your audience are from other countries, it might be better to write simple captions and avoid complex text that could get caught behind a language barrier.

It can even tell you the hours and days during which you get the most engagement, which of course helps you to figure out the optimal time to post.

Instagram Insights

instagram insights

If you go to Instagram Insights and go to Content, you can see a bunch of analytics about your content posts themselves and the people who interact with them (or don’t).

  • Impressions are the number of times people have seen the post, even if they just scrolled past it or were sent it in a DM by somebody else
  • Reach is essentially the same thing but only counts the unique people who’ve seen the post, whereas one person seeing the post twice counts as two impressions
  • Engagement is the total amount of engagements the post received (likes, comments, etc).

You can use the above information to figure out how well your content is grabbing people’s attention. If your impressions are dramatically higher than your engagement, this suggests that your content isn’t really encouraging people to interact with it, so this should be your main area of improvement (even by simple techniques discussed previously such as in depth captions asking controversial questions).

On the other hand, if your engagements are nearly as high as your reach, this could suggest that people are engaging with your posts well, meaning all you really need to do is post more, and use Instagram Ads, in an attempt to bring them to as many people as possible.

Profile Visitors & Followers also shows how many people have visited your profile and how many of those people have followed, which can help you to see whether your profile, bio, profile photo etc are as appealing as they should be.

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t let you keep track of the exact amount of followers you gain or lose. There are third party tools that can do this but some of them have been found to lead to issues with Instagram and accounts being deleted, so do your research and go with a trustworthy one if you want this info.

When it comes to Instagram stories, most analytics and metrics are similar, but you can also check up on data like:

  • Taps Forward
  • Taps Backward
  • Next Story & Exits
  • Swipe Ups (if you have these activated)
  • Replies

This is all good information to help inform your strategy when it comes to stories. If a lot of people are skipping to the next Story or Exiting, it means your stories aren’t interesting to them.

If people often tap backward, this means there is something interesting about your stories that is encouraging them to look at it more than once (this is very good).

However, the best are replies and swipe ups, as this shows your stories are encouraging people to actually engage with you.

Of course, the one metric that really matters is OnlyFans subscribers, and you should see these consistently grow as your Instagram follower count grows and your ability to attract these followers to your OnlyFans account improves too.

If this isn’t happening, then one of the above metrics aren’t being done correctly, it’s quite literally that simple.

Instagram Marketing Strategies for OnlyFans

Now that we’ve covered the basics of optimizing your Instagram profile, making your posts as effective as possible, and getting more Instagram followers, it’s time to look at some more specific proven marketing strategies that are often used in Instagram and that are known to work.

Run a Competition

instagram competition

Running a competition on Instagram is a fun way to get more people involved.

It could be as simple as getting 10 discounted or free subscriptions and encouraging people to comment or like on a post to be entered into a chance to win.

If there are “stragglers” hanging around who are interested in your content but not quite sure if they want to get involved, this is a great way to force them to engage.

Discounted subscriptions also get people that may not otherwise be willing to take the plunge to check out your paid content, increasing the chances they’ll stick around in the following month (companies offer free trials for a reason).

Use a Specific Hashtag Strategy

We already told you how to select the best hashtags for maximum results.

This strategy involves deciding on 10-15 that are ideal for the audience you’re trying to target and sticking with them, on every single post.

This means:

  1. You are much less likely to forget to use hashtags or to use too little, as you always have that list ready to go
  2. People who watch that hashtag are more likely to remember you over time and recognise you as an authority within that niche

Ideally a caption should start with an eye catching introduction(to encourage the read), go in depth on some of your thoughts or feelings(to increase time engaging with the post and connection to you), then end it with a question or call to action (to encourage interaction with the post), then finish it off with a few spaces and your favourite hashtag list.

This essentially means you’re making the most out of every caption while also keeping your hashtags sort of out of the way and not having them be the main bulk of each caption.

Use an Instagram Live to Tease New Content, Interact with Fans or Discuss Ideas

instagram live for onlyfans

This one can be a little risky due to Instagram’s terms.

When we say “tease new content“, we definitely don’t mean “get undressed on live” – that’s just about the quickest way to get banned from Instagram.

However, you can certainly sit down and talk about your upcoming content with your fans, including asking them what they like and what they don’t like, and/or showing them some potential outfits or props you’re thinking of using in the future.

This has the triple benefit of making people look out for your future content, getting you tons of helpful feedback, and driving new engagement.

You can even get guests involved – for example interviewing other creators you plan to collab with, in a more interesting version of a SFS (shoutout for shoutout).

Final Tips for Marketing Your OnlyFans on Instagram

We’re getting close to the end now.

We hope you have found some useful information in this post (although if you haven’t, you probably wouldn’t still be here!).

We plan to keep this post updated in the long term in order to make it a one stop shop for people to learn everything they need to know about using Instagram to promote OnlyFans, so if you think we missed anything or you have your own ideas that could help people, contact us now and we’ll add them to the list!

We’re going to leave you with a few final tips for Instagram marketing for OnlyFans creators:

Decide on the Best Time to Post

You might assume the best time to post is the busiest time on Instagram in your own timezone, but what if most of your followers aren’t from your timezone?

In this case it is best to figure out where most of them are from using Instagram analytics, and then target your optimum posting time for this country instead.

The reason it’s so important to use your analytics is that even when based in the same area, your audience may have difference habits and routines to those of another creator.

With that said, the below graphic from SproutSocial will help to summarise average behaviours across the globe:

best times to post on instagram

Reply to Your Fans

We know.

This is the most boring and thankless task there is, especially if you already reply to DMs on OnlyFans and other social networks.

Especially if half of them are just people asking for free stuff.

onlyfans reply to messages
Also most of it is dealing with shit like this

But what you might not know is that 8 out of 10 inquiries on social media go unanswered.

That number alone doesn’t mean much, but what if we told you that 88% of people say they wouldn’t deal with a company again if they weren’t replied to?

Ok, so you’re not a company, but some of that is going to carry over and for every DM or comment you ignore, there is a decent chance you’ve lost a potential future subscribers, or at least a one off purchase.

Responding to messages at the very least makes you look polite, and at most makes people feel more connected to you and more valued (which is exactly what OnlyFans subscribers tend to want).

Of course, if people genuinely connect to you and start to feel like you’re a friend, this dramatically increases the chance of them being a long term paying subscriber too.

Use an Instagram Content Scheduler

In order to succeed in your Instagram/OnlyFans marketing efforts, you need to post regularly and consistently – this is unavoidable.

Taking a week off could undo 4 weeks of progress and make followers who were previously interested in your content get bored and start paying attention to somebody else.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever take a day off though!

Content scheduling tools exist that let you create posts ahead of time and automatically post them on preset times and dates.

By using something like this, you can remove yourself from the constant grind of creating content by making content a week or a month in advance and then letting the scheduler tool post it over time.

If you want to go on vacation or even just take a break from social media and OnlyFans, this is a lifesaver.

But even if this isn’t the case it can be useful. For example, you could set a regular date where you create all of your Instagram content for the next 2-3 months.

You might need to take a day or two, or even longer creating all of that content, but it means you can then step back for a while and focus exclusively on your OnlyFans content.

You can do the same for other social media networks too, leaving your social media marketing strategies to take care of themselves and just checking in from time to time to create new content.

We would recommend using this tip last, however – focus on mastering your content and connecting with your audience first, otherwise your automated posts might not be having the effect and reach you think they are.

Here are some other tips for using Instagram to get more OnlyFans subscribers:

  • Save your posts to your PC or a hard drive. At least then if your account gets suspended or banned, you can make a new account and post them all again. Imagine getting banned and having access to zero of your previous content! You are essentially starting from day one.
  • Spend time improving your captions, even if it means handwriting some ideas on the bus or regularly reading a bunch of captions from successful creators.

We hope this post has been helpful in your Instagram marketing strategy. If you’d rather have someone else manage this for you, check out our range of paid Instagram marketing services including full Instagram account management, paid ad campaigns, custom graphics, shoutouts to exclusive profiles with millions, of followers, and more! We also offer free consultations, guidance, and tips, so feel free to get in touch even if you want to handle it all yourself! And if you sign up using our referral link we will happily help you out further with some free promotions and shoutouts!

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